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A Focus on Successful Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are not known for their simplicity. Pages of documents containing complex legal information require an experienced eye to go over every detail. When buying or selling real estate, you need knowledge and experience to ensure a successful transaction.

While an attorney is not required at a real estate closing, it is advisable to have a legal advocate at your side. Contact the New Port Richey law office of Jay W. Moreland, P.A., at 727-847-2083.

Legal Representation is Not Required, But Strongly Recommended

In our real estate practice, we help with residential real estate transactions. The process starts with determining a fair price for the property and appropriate terms. From there, we help with deeds, contracts, title insurance and other aspects of the process up to closing.

While you can use a title agency to handle your closing, only an attorney can provide on-the-spot legal advice when something goes wrong.


If you need a deed, lease, promissory note, mortgage or other real estate document, we can prepare them for you. Often the way a document is worded can make a hugh difference. A mistake in the preparation of the document could create significant issues. While we can handle those problems as well, it is much less expensive to have us do it right the first time.


Ideally after the documents are signed, your tenant or mortgagor pays you on time and in full. If your tenant or debtor fails to pay and you need to enforce your documents, we can help with an eviction or a foreclosure. Often in those situations the tenant (who has done this before) knows more about the legal system than you do. While you can represent yourself in those matters, any mistake you make will allow your tenant to stay in the property longer without paying you.

Legal Help for Property Owners Selling Real Estate on Their Own

Many Florida residents forego a real estate agent and sell their homes on their own. Without an attorney a money-saving proposition can still have its share of legal pitfalls. Without knowledge of real estate law, errors can be made and certain details can be overlooked. A supposedly successful transaction can unravel in an instant, making it more expensive than what an attorney would have charged.

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