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Like any other state, Florida wants to ensure the orderly transfer of assets upon the death of a person. Unfortunately, this takes time and expense in court. In addition, where there is arguable discrepancy, especially with significant assets, family members or others may dispute the distribution of assets. Probate litigation may then be necessary. The law firm of Jay Moreland, P.A., is here to help you probate a will, avoid conflict, understand the probate process, and support you if conflict should arise.

A Loved One Has Just Died. Now What Do I Do?

When a parent or a spouse or child dies a grieving family faces a series of difficult issues which most people have never faced before. There are bills to pay, homes and cars to sell, bank accounts to close and a bunch of relatives all wanting their fair share.

We can help guide you through the unfamiliar maze of potential legal entanglements that are probate.

Avoiding Probate

The most important thing to know about probate is how to avoid it. Almost everything in one’s estate upon death must go through probate. Property and assets are identified and gathered, taxes and debts are paid, and the estate is eventually distributed to family, charities and other beneficiaries.

There are ways to keep control of certain assets, and upon your death, have them automatically become the property of your loved ones without the need for probate. For example, if your home is jointly owned with your spouse, when you die it will simply go to him or her. Trusts also can be set up to become property of the beneficiary upon your death.

Probate and property distribution takes several months at least. The first step is to file an action to begin the process. While you may have designated an executor or personal representative, that person will probably need a lawyer to help with the probate process. It is complicated.

If parties claim a will presented is not the most recent or valid will, interested parties may have to go to court to settle the matter. Our office can represent you in this case. We want you to be treated fairly.

Honest, Candid and Ethical Advocacy

Attorney Jay W. Moreland will handle all aspects of your probate and estate administration case personally and responsibly. Since 1982 he has worked to answer questions, explain options and represent his clients effectively.

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