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There are really two steps to establishing guardianship over an elderly parent. The first is communicating to him or her in a gentle way that this is in their best interest. The second is convincing a court.

While guardianships are established to protect children and vulnerable adults, those for the elderly are most common and most often disputed. If an involuntary guardianship is necessary, the process can take several weeks. If the “ward” agrees it is necessary or is willing to give up certain rights, the process is much quicker.

Physicians, social workers and psychologists can provide evidence that the person needs physical or financial protection from abuse by others or due to their own incapacity. A guardianship can be ordered only for financial decisions or for physical care.

Other Issues

  • If you are the subject of a petition for guardianship and are resisting it, we can advise and represent you.
  • If you believe you are in need of a guardian and wish to help your family help you, you can.
  • If you are a close family member who feels the guardian is not caring appropriately for the ward, speak to us. Particular decisions made for the ward can be contested.
  • If you need someone to help you with your finances or pay your bills, you can have a guardian handle your finances without losing all of your rights.
  • If you want someone who knows the services available for the elderly, a professional guardian is familiar with the government programs that a family member might not be and can check up on the care received at a health care facility when out of state relatives cannot.

The courts demand periodic reports on the ward’s health and his or her finances.

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