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Tips for rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy

| Jul 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

Florida residents who file for bankruptcy may experience a drop in their credit scores. However, there are ways to rebuild credit after seeking protection from creditors. For instance, it may be a good idea to apply for a secured credit card or unsecured retail credit card to start rebuilding a credit history. Individuals who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy are often permitted to open new lines of credit before their cases are discharged.

Those who obtain credit cards are encouraged to use as little of their available credit lines as possible. Ideally, they will be used to make small purchases that can easily be repaid at the end of each month. Individuals are encouraged to open a credit account with a company that reports to each of the major credit bureaus. Doing so may help to increase a credit score in less time.

Taking out a personal loan can also establish a positive credit history after a bankruptcy. Those who have filed for protection from creditors should monitor their credit while their cases are open and after they have been discharged. If a person finds an error on a credit report, it is important to report the mistake to the appropriate credit agency as quickly as possible.

Filing for bankruptcy might allow debtors to obtain a fresh financial start. In some cases, they can reduce or eliminate outstanding balances without giving up property such as a house or car. An attorney could explain the process of filing for bankruptcy and the potential benefits of doing so. Legal counsel may also explain the steps a client might take to rebuild their credit after filing.

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