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Fighting to Save Your Family Home

The dream of owning a home can become a nightmare during difficult financial times. The inability to make timely payments increases past-due debt and collection calls. The situation grows more out of control and leads to being served a notice of foreclosure.

Do not give up. Do not prepare to move. Contact attorney Jay W. Moreland for help in saving your home.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing immediately stops any foreclosure actions and the pending sheriff's sale of your home. Contact our New Port Richey law office at 727-847-2083.

Taking Steps to Stop Foreclosure

If you are confident that you can maintain future house payments, we will take the steps necessary to buy you the valuable time necessary to refinance or modify your mortgage. That may involve defending the foreclosure lawsuit which could lead to a mortgage modification or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that will give you time to catch up on late payments.

At the law office of Jay W. Moreland, P.A., we attend to every detail in fighting a foreclosure by establishing a strong foreclosure defense. While rare, those efforts sometimes result in discovering improprieties or Truth in Lending Act violations that lead to a home loan being thrown out or settled in favor of our clients.

The Security of Keeping Your Home Instead of the Fear of Foreclosure

It is possible to replace the fear of losing your home with the security of keeping a roof over your head. Financial problems made more difficult by late fees and overdue amounts on your mortgage can become a thing of the past. All it takes is one phone call to our firm.

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