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10 Tips If You Just Lost Your Job

1. Decide what you really want to do. This may be an opportunity to improve your life.

2. Let all of your friends know and ask them for leads to a new job. Many, if not most jobs, are not advertised but are filled by word of mouth.

3. Update your resume and have it done well. It may be the only opportunity you have to influence a potential employer. If it doesn’t stand out, it may be tossed and never seen again by anyone who could hire you. Spelling errors or other mistakes may be enough for your resume to be discarded.

4. Volunteer your time. If you can’t find a job, volunteer your time. You will gain experience and contacts that may help you in your future as well as provide a valued service.

5. Go back to school. Update or acquire new skills that increase your value in the job market.

6. Consider working for a temporary agency. That will give you experience, keep you working (which looks better on a resume) and possibly lead to full time employment.

7. Be prepared for every job interview. Find out as much about the job, the company and the people who work there before the interview.

8. Don’t waste your time. You can never get it back. If you are not working, seeking employment should be your full time job. That means working forty hours or more per week until you get that new job.

9. It’s a numbers game. It may take you 100 interviews to get a job in a tight market. At 10 interviews a week, it would take 10 weeks to get a job. At 1 interview a week, it would take nearly 2 years to get that job.

10. Expand your horizon. Be willing to go into a new field or a new geographic area for the right job.

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